Koike PNC-11 FLEX

Code: PNC-11

PNC-11 FLEX is a affordable CNC cutting machine, suitable for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.
The new D421 controller is equipped with integrated plasma controller, allowing initial torch height sensing and torch height control during cutting.
Designed with extra rigid aluminium construction, achieving quality cuts and portability at once.
Various configuration and options available to provide extended possibilities.

Product Features


  • CNC-integrated plasma control unit
    Initial torch height sensor and arc voltage height control are integrated in the CNC, maintaining constant torch height throughout the cut.
  • Simple operation
    D421 CNC controller is easy to operate and has highly customizable parameters.
  • Rigid Crossbar with steel guiding
    Extra wide aluminium extrude crossbar with steel guiding system assures stable movement throughout the range.
  • Lightweight longitudinal rail
    High-precision aluminium alloy rail provides portability and quality cuts.
  • Suitable for both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting
    PNC-11 FLEX is designed for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. With optional Plasma to Oxy-Fuel conversion kit, PNC-11 FLEX is allowing wide variety of cutting job to be performed.