Code: 4.075.171

Inverter power source with built in wire feeder

- Mig standard
- Mig standard synergic
- Mig pulse synergic

Product Features

  • Future proof easily upgradable design
  • Back up settings via USB port
  • Remote monitoring with Ethernet connection
  • Optional LED on manual welding torch
  • 7” color touchscreen display
  • Single knob control
  • Software options for advanced welding
  • Low weight for easy portability

Product Specifications

Weight: 35.8KG
Main Voltage: N/A
Welding Current Range: 3 to 320 AMPS
Welding Duty Cycle: N/A
Voltage Steps: N/A
Steel & Stainless Wire Size: N/A
Aluminium Wire Size: N/A
OCV: 71V
Dimensions: 706x300x510

This product comes with:

TPS320i Compact Pulse Gas Cooled - TPS320i C Pulse 4R/FSC & 4 off feeder rollers: $12,347.00

Including - earth Cable 50mm² 4m & clamp, Torch MTG320i/FSC/3.5m/45°, Torch basic kit steel wire (BK Fe Ø1.2/G/W/5m)

TPS320i Compact Pulse Water Cooled - TPS320i C Pulse 4R/FSC & 4 off feeder rollers: $14,784.00

Including - Water cooler CU 1100i (compact needs WC kit 4.100.718), FK5000 installation kit for compact machines, Water cooler coolant 5 litres, earth Cable 50mm² 4m & clamp, Torch MTW320i/FSC/3.5m/45°/Led, Torch basic kit for steel wire (BK Fe Ø1.2/G/W/5m)

TPS 320i Compact Pulse  with Gas Cooled In-line PullMigTorch - TPS320i C Pulse & 4 off rollers Ø1.2mm 44.0001.1407: $18,563.00

Including - Pullmig interface Kit TPSi Compact, Earth Cable 50mm² 4m & clamp, In-line Pullmig MHP280i GAS/FSC/UD/7.85m/LED, Torch neck MTB 320i G ML/45°/L165/H75, PM basic kit (BK PM Al Ø1,2 /G CuSi G/W/10m)