T.I.M.E. 5000


T.I.M.E 5000

Inverter Power Source with separate wire feeder.

- Mig high performance (carbon steel)
- Mig pulse synergic
- Mig standard synergic
- Mig standard
- Tig DC
- Manual electrode
- Arc air gouging


T.I.M.E. 5000 (500 amps, 43 volts)

Product Features

  • High deposition Mig Process (T.I.M.E.)
  • Digital welding-process control
  • 4 roller drive
  • Modular extensions
  • Serial interface for data transmission
  • MIG brazing of galvanised sheets
  • Synergic programmes
  • TIG DC lift arc ignition
  • Digital display for welding amperage, welding voltage, thickness of material, wire feed speed
  • Remote-controllable
  • Push pull torch or push torch
  • Continuous power-adjustment possible directly from torch, with Up/Down mode
  • Job mode
  • Key lock optional
  • MIG Pulsed-arc
  • Electrode welding
  • S mark, CE mark, C Tick
  • Optional Multilock torch body exchanging system
  • Earth leakage monitoring

Product Specifications

Weight: 36KG
Main Voltage: N/A
Welding Current Range: 3 to 500AMPS
Welding Duty Cycle: N/A
Voltage Steps: N/A
Steel & Stainless Wire Size: N/A
Aluminium Wire Size: N/A
OCV: 70V
Dimensions: 625x290x480

This product comes with:

Including - T.I.M.E.Wire Feeder VR 4000 - 30 m/min 4R/W/F++, Water cooling unit FK 4000 R with flow meter & filter, Water cooler coolant 5 litres, Connection Hose Pack 1.2m water cooled, Earth Cable 70mm sq 4m & clamp, AW7000 Time W/F++/3.5m