Koike Handy Auto Plus


HANDY AUTO PLUS is a hand held mechanized gas cutting torch that combines convenience of auto ignition and the preheat ON/OFF lever type to the function provided by the HANDY AUTO II. Allows cutting in any position from any direction, such as curves, circles, shapes, bevels, and straight line cutting, in plane plate, vertical plate, H-beam, etc. The HANDY AUTO PLUS Kit kit is composed by the main body and accessories in a special case convenient for carrying and storing.
Auto Ignition Device
Torch can be lit by the auto igniter lever, and the preheat gas adjusted beforehand. Flame can be extinguished by pressing the release button. After adjust the preheat flame once, it can be ignite and extinguished by operating the ignition lever.
Flame Adjustment Device
The flame adjustment valve has a lock function, and even if the knob is touched the valve adjustment will not change.

Product Features

•  Automatic ignition device included.
•  Quick and easy change attachments structure.
•  Cutting in any position from any direction.
•  Excellent cutting quality.