Koike Portable Type Circle Cutter (Koike 150-1000mm)

Code: IK-70

IK-70 is a portable automatic circle cutting machine developed to cutting of circle large diameter of circle including bevel cutting in horizontal posture.
The cutting of circle with cp30 to 600mm in case of the model 600, and cp150 to 1000mm in case of the model 1000 is possible.

Product Features

•  High stability with low center of gravity.
•  Easy positioning mechanism by clutch operation.
•  Flame adjustment can be performed by hand, in case of use special valve for small cutting torch.
•  Stable and wide range of speed is achieved by using PWM control.
•  2 stoppers are installed at the scale pipe, allowing the cutting of circle with the same diameter easily.
•  Rotation distribution method and special ring prevents roses twisting and leakage.