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Koike Cutting Machines

Koike PNC-11 FLEX

PNC-11 FLEX is a affordable CNC cutting machine, suitable for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.
The new D421 controller is equipped with integrated plasma controller, allowing initial torch height sensing and torch height control during cutting.
Designed with extra rigid aluminium construction, achieving quality cuts and portability at once.
Various configuration and options available to provide extended possibilities.


Koike Handy Auto Kit

Handy Auto II is a hand held semiautomatic cutting torch that combines the conveniences of an handy torch and an automatic machine. Torch can be used as a hand-held torch, and various cutting can be performed freely, comfortably, accurately.
By using one-touch attachments easily handle accurate straight, small and big circle, and bevel cutting. Only 2.7Kg provides excellent usability and portability. The Handy Auto II kit is composed by the main body and accessories in a special case convenient for carrying and storing.


Koike Handy Auto Plus

HANDY AUTO PLUS is a hand held mechanized gas cutting torch that combines convenience of auto ignition and the preheat ON/OFF lever type to the function provided by the HANDY AUTO II. Allows cutting in any position from any direction, such as curves, circles, shapes, bevels, and straight line cutting, in plane plate, vertical plate, H-beam, etc. The HANDY AUTO PLUS Kit kit is composed by the main body and accessories in a special case convenient for carrying and storing.
Auto Ignition Device
Torch can be lit by the auto igniter lever, and the preheat gas adjusted beforehand. Flame can be extinguished by pressing the release button. After adjust the preheat flame once, it can be ignite and extinguished by operating the ignition lever.
Flame Adjustment Device
The flame adjustment valve has a lock function, and even if the knob is touched the valve adjustment will not change.


Koike Max 3 Beetle

IK- 12 max3 is a semi-automatic cutting machine, which can be used not only for gas cutting, but also for plasma cutting and welding. A large selection of accessories are available to be used combined to the main components (main body, torch set and rail) according to the application.
Our double cone stepless transmission system provides a stable rotational speed range, avoiding problems due to heating and unstable voltage. Machine also has a high thermal insulation performance due to the use of heat-resistant grease and Teflon wiring.
S-type is a mechanism for switching between the low speed and high speed. The running speed covers from 80 to 2400mm/min (50Hz), and from 100 to 3000mm / min (60Hz).


Koike Portable Type Circle Cutter (Koike 150-1000mm)

IK-70 is a portable automatic circle cutting machine developed to cutting of circle large diameter of circle including bevel cutting in horizontal posture.
The cutting of circle with cp30 to 600mm in case of the model 600, and cp150 to 1000mm in case of the model 1000 is possible.


Koike Beetle (Track not inlcuded)

IK-12 Beetle is a compact and lightweight type of automatic cutting machine for straight line cutting that emphasizes the practicality. IK-12 max3 has an stable driving performance by its powerful motor, which allows to easily perform various Straight (I-CUT) and Bevel cutting, or Circle cutting. Machine has achieved a stable operation by the use of the single cone stepless transmission system. The travel direction (forward, backward, stop) can be changed by single operation, and the machine's positioning reliably performed by clutch operation. The cutting position can be adjusted by the horizontal bar and up and down torch rack.


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