Code: AADP400A

Heavy Industrial MIG Machine - inverter 400 MIG aluminium

The OTC DP400 digital inverter has all the functionality of pulse welding, plus the ability to perform digital short arc welding. It comes with full robot compatibility and is extremely useful for semi automatic welding. Take complete control of welding with the most accurate features made possible only through advances available with digital technology, all controlled by a simple to use front panel.

Product Features

  • Incredible arc stability and welding speeds from very low to high amperage when welding Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, galvanized steel and alloys.
  • Smaller and lighter 80 kHz IGBT digital Inverter
  • Four- Roll Encoder Wire Feeder as standard equipment
  • 100 job memory for semi-automatic use
  • 400 amps at 50% duty cycle
  • Factory optimized pulse waveforms
  • Pulse welding programs for titanium and inconel
  • Pulse brazing software for 0.8-1.2mm wire
  • Adjustable pulse waveform via function key
  • Synergic or individual control of voltage and wire feed speed
  • Wave pulse function for TIG like welds in Aluminum
  • Large 7 segment digital LED numeric display
  • Function key for advanced programming
  • Very stable pulse arc as low as 25 amp
  • Digital turbo start and digital burn back control improves arc starting
  • 3 speed "Fan on demand" IGBT switch circuit
  • Optional pre-set modes available for a variety of wire alloys
  • Tool-free dinse twist lock connectors for secondary output
  • Machine can interface with Daihen Robots

Product Specifications

Weight: 61KG
Main Voltage: N/A
Welding Current Range: 30 to 400AMPS
Welding Duty Cycle: N/A
Voltage Steps: N/A
Steel & Stainless Wire Size: N/A
Aluminium Wire Size: N/A
Dimensions: 250x640x544

This product comes with:

OTC 3m Mig gun, spare fuses, spare drive rollers and earth leads.